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Stephen H. “Steve” Morgan retired in mid-2017 culminating a very successful 45-year career at The Arc Baltimore, serving as the executive director for 32+ of those years.


In his words: “I was blessed to lead an incredible organization with the support of a dedicated Board of Directors, amazing staff at all levels and the individuals we supported whose dedication to succeed fueled everyone’s passion for the mission.”

Beginning in a direct support staff position and progressing to positions in program management/development, staff development and finally in the executive role gave Steve a thorough understanding of effective program management but also the hands-on experience of being part of building and sustaining a nonprofit organization that values the highest standards of excellence, ethics and integrity.

Steve also served on nearly a dozen Boards of nonprofit service, professional, and business organizations (often as Chair/President) which deepened not only his understanding of best practices in nonprofit governance and operations but also gave him a profound appreciation of the vital contributions nonprofits make to the well-being of our communities.

Steve is a Standards for Excellence© Consultant Certified by the National Institute for the Standards for Excellence© based in Baltimore. He also holds a Certificate of Nonprofit Board Education from BoardSource.

About Steve Morgan

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